Topic: "Are We Zombies?"

A zombie is a human being whose behavior is directed by a code. A zombie recognizes no injuries caused by behaviors that align with this code.

The dinner discussion tonight assumes:
1) Most cultures and religions are codes of behavior.
2) Most codes include behaviors that are hurtful to others now and in the future.

The dinner question is: "Why do individuals feel no empathy for the injured when they perform the code's behaviors?"

There is not enough space on the surface of the earth for each person to do what he or she wants without infringing on another person's right to do the same thing. At the interface between these two individuals is confrontation and injury. Any code of behavior is one that in aggregate either increases this confrontation and injury or decreases its. See proof

If our code is one that increases confrontation, why don't we see it? Recorded history and current events are full of examples of violence among groups. The literature describes the past, ongoing, and future destruction of our ecological infrastructure. Yet we remain unable to understand our situation beyond the simplicity of fight or flee behaviors. Our view of our past, present, or future does not get us to review the content of our code.

As with past dinners, the discussion is about thinking and learning. It is about how and why we collect, process, and give value to information as we do. Is there a way to help future generations to do it differently so they behave less like zombies than we do?

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