Candidates for Future Dinner Topics

Topics that have been suggested but have not been assigned dates.

-- Behaviors can change human trends?)( Future garden of Eden Dinner topic)

-- The moral number of children per family is two?

-- The world is headed toward peace?

-- Things are getting better?

-- Conditions in North Korea should influence our personal behavior?

-- Force can keep the peace?

-- The need for armed forces indicate a sick society?

-- Uncertainty relieves responsibility for our behavior's contribution to global problems?

-- Getting rid of Saddam Hussein will change the human condition?

-- Our elders have the wisdom we need to resolve global problems?

-- Better leaders could reverse the decay in the human condition?

-- Conditions could improve without changes in constituent behavior?

-- Per capita conservation can reverse destructive trends in the environment?

-- Universal two child families would reverse the decay in the human condition?

-- Universal two child families would stop the growth of the human footprint?

-- Experience is our only learning tool?

-- Inference learning creates value for future conditions?

-- Inexperienced events are beyond our ability to give value?

-- Transmission learning has limits in influencing behavior?

-- We learn temporally inconsistent values?

-- Human kind is better off because of Religion?

-- Religion contributes to good behavior?

-- Religion contributes to rational thought?

-- Suicide terrorism is the result of poor thinking?

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