Rapid population Decline or Civilization Collapse


This sequence of videos shows that for the human experiment to become peaceful, sustainable, and continue to advance art, science, and technology, it must rapidly reduce global population to less than 100 million.


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How civilizations collapse?

   The Scarcity - Conflict death spiral.
   The system trips the death spiral.          
   Human behavior trips the death spiral.          


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How much population decline saves civilization?

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Are you sure we have to reduce population
                                                             below 100 million?

   What if the initial rich-poor spread is bigger?
   What if soil re-generation times are shorter?                        
   What if people have undying desires for self improvement?
   What if he richest keep getting richer?
   What if technology advances faster then we expect?   


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    It’s Rapid Population Decline or Civilization collapse     


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(initial 2011 -- revised Sept. 30, 2020)


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