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description of current SKIL seminar March/2007

online version of SKIL seminar Jan/2006

Tired of sound bite arguments to help you choose your behavior. Of single issue political rhetoric to capture your vote. SKIL dinners are discussions of the destinations created by the collective behavior of 6 billion people and the processes by which these behavior are determined.

Dinner objective ==> to make explicit the living conditions of our great grand children, today's behaviors that are creating those conditions, and the role development of human cognition plays in determining these behaviors. (More)

Dinner questions ==> SKIL dinner questions are discussion starters to help participants recognize the flaws in how each of us gathers, processes, and values Information and then chooses the behavior, that when collected over the population, leads to the conditions no one wants.

Participates ==> 6 -10 people come to a physical dinner. (Those not present contribute to the discussion via electronic submissions.)

Locations ==> These dinners are held anywhere. Possibly at your home with your friends. You pick the starter question.

Your intellectual responsibility ==> At dinner, after first declaring in one word -- true false, yea or nay --on the dinner's question, present a list of information used to arrive at your conclusion. (2 minutes max.) The dinner conversation, that follows these declarations and info list presentations, will focus on the information included or excluded that allows coming to that person's conclusion and the cognitive processes that acquired and valued that information.

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