SKIL Short Articles


Time Blindness Topples Trade Towers How six billion people's thinking processes and behavior collectively caused September 11th. 9/26/2001
5 pgs.
Nurture Can Change Our Course Global problems are impervious to political and technological solution but solvable through changes in thought processes of the next generation. 10/23/2002
3 pgs.
"The Alpert Alternative"   A believable prediction of the future and a behavior to change it. 6/1/05
3 pgs.
Humankind's Viability Is Preceded by Rapid Population Decline How do we know this? How do we implement it? This is the introduction to the "SKIL Rapid Population Decline Contagion Project." (5/13/07)
7 pgs.
Forming a constituency is a solution to our predicament The human predicament addressed rather than defined.   6/13/08
6 pgs.
The path forward What do we do to resolve the human predicament. 2/20/09
5 pgs.
Learning -- The Human Condition -- and Complex Systems Modeling Learning how people learn to control car skids tells us something about our social destinations 1/10/03
4 pgs.


See the Time Blind books for presentation of temporal blindness and temporal inference learning theory.
See the SKIL Dinner program for developing ideas

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