What is NOT too little too late?

Given that:
      a) the natural state of each conscious individual is
          to strive for ever-improving wellbeing, and
      b) the total strivings of all the globe's people
          together are exceeding the globe's capacity to produce,
it appears that the future contains ever increasing:
             i) scarcity,
             ii) conflict, and
            iii) probability of civilization collapse.

Having investigated and found impotent many behavior-changes that are too little to late to change these expectations, I have concluded the only non-impotent behavior that changes the human path forward is one that implements rapidly declining population. By "rapid " I mean reducing by half the global population every 25 years.

In 200 years of this rate, a global population of 50 million (all living longer and better lives than current middle class Americans) would exist at a level of scarcity and conflict that would not threaten civilization or the environment.

There are two ways to achieve this rate of population decline
    1) genocide -- intentional* and non-intentional** and
    2) very low birthrates.
         By low birthrates I mean many people having no
         children and the rest having at most one.

Of course this rate of population decline through genocide is an unthinkable plan. Given our current culture, birth decisions to achieve these low birth rates seems impossible.

This dilemma has us proposing and sometimes implementing behaviors that are both:
      a) too little to late to prevent civilization collapse, and,
      b) consume so much of the non renewing resources to
           risk preventing the next civilization from resurrecting

We need to change culture so it allows/encourages people to choose different procreative behavior. Let all the people who can see the present and future explain/coerce change in those that can not.

Begin by transferring the concepts that:
      a) "Having a child, while understanding present conditions            (relation between total human footprint and global carrying
           capacity,) is act of murder." and
      b) "Having a child, not understanding these conditions, is an act
           of manslaughter (an act which kills without intent.)"

We have to convince people that this form of killing has been in place for a while. Also that it will stay in place until the declines in population drops the total human footprint (including everyone's strivings for improved wellbeing) below whatever carrying capacity exists as we go forward (that is, including technological advancements and the exhaustion of fossil resources.)

What may not be "too little too late behavior," is bringing everyone up to speed as to the meaning of their personal existence in a system which is at (or above) its limits. That is, "Each global resident understands that his or her personal existence depends on another person's death." He or she understands that, "another person somewhere in space and time will suffer and die because he or she consumed resources that could have prevented their death. --

* intentional genocide = killing people to keep them from consuming

** non-intentional genocide = economically taking resources from people until they have too few to exist. Also killing any losers if they try and take the resources back by force.


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