What is a Sustainable Global Population?
50 to 100 million

How many people, living like you and me, minus cars and planes,
do you think the world can support?

Can you show some calculations that this number is possible?

Or do you feel that my number is so small people won’t
      make decisions based on it.

Do you feel that denial keeps them catatonic and on course for collapse?

Are not these deniers, to which you refer, similar to the flight engineers who wanted to send Apollo 13 to the moon’s surface because it has enough fuel to make the landing, take off and return to earth.

Would not those flight engineers be in denial that the oxygen remaining in the tanks
won’t keep the crew alive for that full mission.

I have created three short videos that explain why I think less than 100 million is a good estimate of the number of people the earth can comfortably support in 2100.

How Much Degrowth Is Enough?"
      Based on available energy supplies

"Invite to “change the course
      (based on European standard of living and
            expected contraction of earth’s supporting resources)

How much population decline saves civilization?"
      based on equity management and max soil production
            (Part 4 of RPD or civilization collapse)

I would welcome any set of calculations that came up with another number.
You can pick whatever style of living, and stratification of wellbeing.,
Just show explicitly how your are going to provide goods and services with the earth’s resources circa 2100.

Also show how the system delivers for 400 additional years.
      (please include
            a) resources consumed in conflict
                  as outlined in parts 1-3 of RPD or civilization collapse)
            b) sensitivity analysis to assumptions
                  as outlined in parts 5-9 of RPD or civilization collapse)


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