Wisdom's Role in "Change the Course"

Wisdom might be able to unwind the human predicament by creating additional social coercions if it took hold in a dominant majority of humankind.

To facilitate this plan let me define wisdom as knowing:
       1) what conditions need to be accomplished
       2) what changes accomplish these conditions
       3) how wisdom causes these changes
       4) how to acquire this wisdom

1) knowing conditions that need to be accomplished include:
       a) humankind fitting into a niche (sustainability)
       b) not wasting resources in conflict
       c) assigning the commons to the next 100 generations

2) knowing what changes accomplish these conditions:
       a) rapid human footprint contraction and maintenance of sustainable footprint
              (birth lottery causes Rapid population decline and
                     maintains a stable population)
       b) limits on hierarchy
       c) ownership of the environment given to the next 100 generations.

3) how wisdom causes these changes:
       a) change - results from sum of behaviors as altered by an individual's wisdom
       b) change - results from wisdom altering the group's coercion of
              the constituency's behavior.

4) how to acquire this wisdom:
       a) wisdom buyer
              accepts it as provided by faith, culture, or expert
              accepts guided learning that constructs new view of reality.
       b) wisdom seller
              guides learner's
                    adoption of seller's wisdom
                    foundation building
       c) wisdom maker
             uses analysis of personal experience
             uses causal information to make expectations

The obstacles impeding the acquisition of wisdom:
       a) habit
       b) false expectations
       c) what the individual's predisposition wants
       d) what society wants (collectively held cultural bias and fantasy)
       e) what society expects on present course (jointly held cultural fantasy)


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