Civilization's Perfect Storm

The “Perfect Storm” is a movie about down-on-their-luck fishermen who went fishing in a storm because they needed to make a living. Unfortunately it was not just a simple storm.  It was a perfect storm.  A perfect storm forms at the intersection of several colliding weather fronts. High winds and gargantuan waves sank the boat and drown the crew.

Is it possible that global problems could join together to make a perfect storm and sink human civilization?  Could fights over hunting grounds, famines, maldistribution of wealth, slavery, genocide, ethic cleansings, religious or economic competitions, deforestations, fishery depletions, oil exhaustion, climate change, species extinction and global terrorism, combine to make the perfect storm that kills the human experiment?

On fishing boats, people take precautions to weather storms. They close watertight doors, and wear safety harnesses and cold water survival suits.  And they usually come home safe even in bad weather.  However, in the "Perfect Storm," none of these actions were enough to save their ship or their lives. 

Maybe we should ask, “Will our recycling, driving a fuel efficient car, insulating our house, sequestering our CO2, having only two children, and investing in technology to produce more with less, be enough to get us through a perfect storm of global problems?" Is it possible that if everyone copied our behaviors, "It would not be enough to survive that storm?"  

Is it possible that six and a half billion people don’t see global problems integrating into a perfect-storm?”  Is it possible they don't see their politically correct, social justice, and green behaviors as being impotent to address these conditions?

Is it possible they don't see that civilization surviving the perfect storm conditions will require rapid population decline? They don't see that each couple on earth must have at most one child per family.  And they don't see that even if everyone does, the ride to a nice future is going to be bumpy for some and dreadful for others.



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