Social Fundamentals Revisited

Rabbits will breed until there is no more resources to support them.
While, humans are genetically similar, our cognitive capabilities provide us with a range of alternative destinations.

The actual destination we achieve depends on how far our cognitive development advances beyond the rabbit's level.

The level we now have can improve the quality of our lives far above mere subsistence.

We can protect ourselves against harsh environments, live longer and healthier lives, travel and communicate over long distances, and produce new science, technologies, and art.

However, our current cognitive level has shortened the time to grow a human footprint that reaches the limits of our environment.

Our current cognitive level makes it clear to some members of the community that others are competing with them for scarce resources. This view contributes to both environmental destruction and social conflict.

It would appear our developed cognition is good enough to enrich our lives, but not good enough to protect us from ever more violent collisions with environmental limits and ever increasing social conflict.

Our destination is tragic. We need some additional cognitive skills if we want to improve our outlook.

I don't mean cognitive advances that help the best and brightest do better science, or become better leaders. I mean enough cognitive advances to help 6 billion human beings further disengage themselves from rabbit like procreative behavior.


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