Spatial Temporal Boundaries in decision-making

Should’t we be using temporal elements to illuminate aspects of any discussion?

Any decision results from contributions such as
      data (the rationale model)
      values (genetic predisposition
            (culture, experience, logic)

Data describes
      1) conditions
      2) levers of change
      3) new conditions
The lever puller has a view of them.

      Parts of this view
            how the conditions affect me,
            what it costs me to pull the lever
            the benefits that accrue to me.

This process assumes a boundary
      spatial (me, people, ecosystem within and beyond me).
      temporal when these effects take place.

For example,
      MEPP is an analysis that describes behavior inside some spatial
            temporal boundaries
       MEPP suggests which group wins, survives, becomes dominant, controlling etc.
            (FOR a spatial temporal BOUNDARY)
       MEPP gets a little strange when the behaviors that creates today’s winners
            cause the same group's extinction in the future.

So when you say that a political organization or financial cabal, or even an individual appears irrational from our point of view it might be because they are inside their spatial temporal boundary not ours.

For example flaring natural gas in North Dakota because it costs more to pump it back it back into the ground or pipe it off to a tank to be used elsewhere, you could be thinking the balance sheet of this well at the end of the month as your boundary or you could be thinking the value of this gas to some earth inhabitant 150 years in the future.

Of course we have some calculations that helps the gas well owner when he balances his books. (e.g. the discount rate of money) But we don’t have very good tools for putting a value on the gas being used 150 years in the future when gas is scarce and there is no substitute.

Any actual decision defines the time and space boundaries only for the lever puller (no one else.) Unless he or she is a really special person his great great great grandchildren fall outside of his boundaries.

Someone in the future would draw different boundaries and come up with a different decision about flaring the gas.


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