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Best 5-10 minute video clips on the web

"Shift happens" -- a view of how things are changing.
How fast and how much the world is changing
"Are humans smarter than Yeast?" -- responding to exponential growth
Explains the speed of change in systems which are described by exponential growth

How to choose behavior when there is little recovery from a bad choice

Some problems have such big consequences that choosing a risky behavior is unthinkable.
The end of Suburbia Trailer for a movie that spells out the end of oil is the end of suburbia.
 How big is the human predicament - immigration reform won't fix it!
Intended to show the affect of immigration on the USA. But what it shows is that the forces shaping the groups that want to immigrate are humankind's ultimate problem.
Who is not going to eat? (Choose second topic of the Jacque Diouf video) UN director describes which countries are not going to eat.

Best articles on the web

Food Scarcity Jn 2008 Energy Bulletin The cost of cooking oil defines the food crisis.
The Delusion Revolution: We're on the Road to Extinction and in Denial
By Robert Jensen, AlterNet. Posted August 15, 2008.
Our current way of life is unsustainable. We are the first species that will have to self-consciously impose limits on ourselves if we are to survive.
The Economist Has No Clothes Unscientific assumptions in economic theory are undermining efforts to solve environmental problems
China's coal use doubles Australian coal price Big consumers up the price of commodities
Costly Fuel Means Costly Calories As fuel cost increase people starve
Ethanol and Peak Food
The free market dictates that henceforward, SUV's and beef cattle will eat, but poor people will not.

More food facts from NY Times
When the cost of eating is increasing - poor people will stop eating

Peak food may hit before peak oil

We might get to a point where the markets take food out of peoples mouths before the market takes gas out of our pumps.
Kenya's view of the human predicament
The conflict in Kenya, after the Jan 08 elections may be a model for the whole world
Today's Farming footprint is not sustainable
Soil can be consumed and regenerated, but can we over use it like a fishery with the same results.
Bangladesh's view of the human predicament
150 million people (and growing) live in a place that has drought and floods that are getting worse. Is this a great plan?
Too many people in the USA to be sustainable Albert Bartlett One of the god fathers of over population lays it on the arrogant

Best Posters

Best Bumper stickers
Who is in control of the game of life?
I will vote for a One child per family Law

Compact Florescents will not stop global warming.


Best slide presentations

Global thinking not much different than Subprime thinking


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