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Descriptions of predicament

How the world works    9 min Aug 2020
 Underestimating Overpopulation    9 min  Jun. 2017
 Losing Our Energy Slaves  10 min  Oct. 2014
 The Human Predicament and What to Do About It  11 min  Feb. 2012
 Change the course          (first half)  12 min  Dec. 2013
 (Rapid Population Decline or Civilization Collapse   <<== Click for list of all 10 parts
       Parts 1-3    the civilization collapse problem    
             The Scarcity - Conflict death spiral    (Part 1of 10)    4 min  Jul. 2010
             The system trips the death spiral     (Part 2 of 10   1 min  Jul. 2010
             Human behavior trips the death spiral (Part 3 of 10   5 min   Jul. 2010
        Part  4  How much population decline saves civilization?          6 min  Jul. 2010
        Parts  5-9 Sensitivity Analysis  11 min  Jul. 2010
        Part   10   Summary   1 min  Jul. 2010
        Play list -- plays all ten parts in one program  28 min  Jul. 2010

Cognitive impediments to understanding the predicament

 The human predicament - higher intellect required. 6 videos -2hrs total --

     Explains weaknesses in our thinking processes to appreciate the human predicament  and shows how repaired thinking processes lead to different behaviors.     Feb. 2008

The Nonlinearity of the Overpopulation Problem  2 videos - 25 mins each
   Explains how overpopulation will arrive like a freight train and will give us little time to  respond. We must anticipate these future conditions and prevent them.      Oct. 2009

Predicament-unwinding behavior

 What Collected Behavior Creates Sustainability  22 min  Nov. 2018
 How Much Degrowth is Enough?  15 min  Sep. 2012
 How much population decline saves civilization?   Part 4 of 10    6 min  Jul.   2010

Unwinding the predicament projects

 Sustainable Civilization Analysis Project  (in mass and joules)  10 min  Oct. 2015
 Economics in 60 Seconds  (Connecting economics to unwinding)
   1 min  Oct. 2018
 Change the course (recruiting social contract advocates)     12 min  Dec. 2013
 60 min Oct. 2022
 The Human Predicament and What to Do About It 5-vids  11 min  Feb. 2012

Unpublished video (for review only)

 Earth's sustainable population team invite  22 min Dec. 2010
     How many people can the earth support,
          A partially completed model of a sustainable earth.
 Your child as a Somali war orphan    4 min Mar. 2010
     A video fantasy about how easily your child could end up
          like a Somali war orphan


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