"Change The Course" ---- Invitation To Join TABLE-DISCUSSIONS

In this portion of the Change the Course project, I propose we come together electronically, each in our own office, occasionally sitting face to face across an electronic table to discuss the uses of our knowledge in changing humankind's course.

         Please view this video it contains the foundation and design of the project.

It suggests we have a problem. Our research, warns that human civilization heads toward self-destruction. However, our information seems to have little impact on our course.

Maybe the information is too thinly distributed. Maybe our culture denies it. Maybe our institutional objectives don't need it. In individuals, maybe basic instincts dominate it.

Whatever the cause, human behavior, uninfluenced by it, takes everyone to the future no one wants. Humankind must use our knowledge to change course or, this century, preside over civil and ecological ruin.

The challenge is not obtaining more knowledge but making what we have usable. Whispering in the ears of leadership hasn't worked. Our lectures and publications are lost in the calliope of media with other agendas. We need a more powerful transmission path. One that brings our technical reality into the fabric of the common individual's cognition. Then relies on the resulting constituency to steer a new course.

At Change the Course, we foresee using one-on-one conversations that continue until a single individual gives up his or her fantasy and accepts our discoveries for reality. Thus, the challenge of these table discussions is to make our knowledge useful in these one-on-one conversations.

SKIL will facilitate these electronic discussions, distill the proceedings, package discovered content and process for use in these one-on-one conversations.

If you would like a seat at a table please contact Jack Alpert alpert@skil.org

                    Text summary of video invitation.                 Table discussion topics.

        Technical help available to get you computer ready for table discussions.
                (We have some hardware available to send you.)

Jack Alpert 

The front page of www.skil.org contains updated invitations movies, and archived content from Change the Course.

Change the Course

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