Check list - Change the Course process

S = succesfully communicated
F = Failed to communcate

human injuries (from the present until 2100)
      4-8 billion will starve to death ___S___F
      4-8 billion will die in conflict (anarchy and resource wars) ___S___F
      (injuries after 2100 ==> everyone will live in a forever dark-age ___S___F

      decreases in supporting resources
            non renewables not available because of low EROEI's ___S___F
            renewables not available due to overuse (forests, soil. water, air) ___S___F
       resilience not available
            lost bio diversity ___S___F
            lost social contract
                 economies of scale ___S___F
                 specialization of labor ___S___F
                 facilitation of trade ___S___F
                 rule of law ___S___F
      rich disenfranchise the poor ___S___F
      present community disenfranchised future communities ___S___F

identified behavior-change to change these causes
      new behaviors must limit
            births ___S___F
            hierarchy, ___S___F
            use of commons ___S___F
       materials use
            maximal recycling (minimal mining of minerals and metals) ___S___F
            no fossil water or fuel or uranium use ___S___F

established a view of the target civilization
      energy balance (initially using hydro only) ___S___F
            personal enrichment unlimited ___S___F
            intergenerational transmission not allowed ___S___F
      commons use limitations
            limited to area of 3 regional city/states
                  all renewable earth resources annual leases (land, water, air) ___S___F
                  non-renewable resources not for lease.(fossil water and fuels) ___S___F
                  non-renewable non distructive use resources (minerals and metals)
                              for lease (includes recycling fees)   ___S___F
                  human infrastructure exclusion areas outside of city state regions
                         (no services walking visits only ) ___S___F
      production of material goods
                  include 100% recycling costs ___S___F

transition design (85 years)
      birth lottery ___S___F
      consolidate civilization into supportable living regions ___S___F
      discontinue infrastructure support outside of selected regions ___S___F
      scavenge current civilization
            knowledge/art/materials/production systems to city/states ___S___F

Implementation ==> Mutual Coercion Mutually agreed upon
      create a constituency to vote so institutions can implement the
            birth lottery ___S___F
            hierarchy limitation laws (these are complex) ___S___F
            commons assignment to the next 100 generations  ___S___F                    


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