Morality 101

In the Israeli Palestinian conflict
each side is cherry picking when
it describes the immorality of the other.

The Israelis are immoral for
       blockading Gaza.
       killing women and children, and
       building on and annexing land.

Hamas is immoral for
       using woman and children as human shields.
       for storing weapons in UN schools.
       for having a charter that demands the death of all Israelis, and
       for digging tunnels that are intended to kill Israelis.

You can declare either side immoral by choosing any of several true statements.

However, even If a peace agreement
temporarily stopped these behaviors, then
another common, normal, and acceptable behavior,
not addressed by the agreement, would recreate them.

What is this behavior that makes both sides immoral?
It is having children when there are already too many people.

People crowded together, chasing the same scarce resources,
create the conflict and the immoral behaviors.

In describing immorality
in today's "too many people" condition
let us begin with the act of having children.

If we don’t become moral at that level,
our children have no chance of ever being moral.


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