Unwinding Our Predicament

At end of this century,
       a) Most of us and our kids will be dead.
              It is just a matter if we/they died of old age, starvation, conflict, or disease.
       b) There probably won’t be any fossil or atomic energy sources.
       c) There probably won’t be any solar pv, or wind, or tidal, or geothermal energy                sources:
              they don’t produce enough energy to carry themselves
              (they need other energy sources to exist and
                     those sources may be exhausted.)

The question is, what will remain of our species, civilization, and environment?
What life style will they live if any are alive and a supporting environment still exists?

How is that population determined and who decided where and how to live?

Since everyone alive today is dead, births determine much of that future.
Birth determination is genetic, or socially engineered.

We all expect a very black outcome.
We all believe that not much we can do about it.
       A) some person can be powerful enough to make people do what s/he says, or
       B) the public wakes up from its slumber, and imposes on everyone
             through Hardin's "mutual coercion mutually agreed upon,"
              a new path forward that leads to not the black outcome.

I am trying to implement B).

I already know most the difficulties of “B’s” implementation.
I am learning about and testing new implementation strategies.

If you are interested in implementing “B” I will be glad to have your help.
              see: "Change the Course" below. (to convey your interest click here.)

If all you have to contribute is
       changes which ignore core problems
       distributing blame for bad conditions or trajectory,
       the world will be better without us,
       despair of how hard it is to change anything, or
       bunker plans,
you don’t need to reply.


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